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Salim Yassen Al-Mohanna    

Academic Credentials

[1983], University of Wales, UK, Bangor, Ph.D. in Marine Biology & Pollution

[1976], Whittier College, USA, California, M.Sc. in Marine Biology

[1968], Whittier College, USA, California, BSc. In Zoology

Academic Position

Associate Professor

Research interest 

-          Biological Oceanography

-          Eco-physiology & Bioenergetics of Marine Organisms

-          Reproductive Biology of Marine Fauna

-          Impact of heavy metals and other pollutants on the development of fisheries.

-          Effects of heavy metals on Marine Resources of the Gulf

-          Management and Development of Marine Resources

-          Marine fish and shellfish farming

-          Structural studies of Marine organisms utilizing TEM, SEM and EDAX


Teaching interest 

Teaching full load experiences:

Undergraduate Courses:

* General Biology                                                          Z101

* Introduction to Life Science & Nature (Arabic)              Z111

* Introduction to Marine Sciences                                    Z204

* Biology of Invertebrates                                               Z205

* Introduction Marine Sciences II, Biotic elements        MSC202

* Marine Biology (Mar. Sci. Program)                         MSC301

* Term Paper                                                                Z309

* Marine Biology (Zoology)                                            Z310

* Marine Ichthyology                                                 MSC401

* Marine Ecology                                                          Z404

* Research Project (Zoology)                                          Z410 

Postgraduate Course:

 * Marine Biology/Ecology                                             Z504

 * Malacology                                                                Z515

 * Research project                                                         BS494


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