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Amina Gh. Ali Redha

Academic Credentials

Ph.D:  in Natural Sciences ,Plant Biotechnology ,  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich,25th of  September, 1998

M.Sc.: “ Cytological effects of cocaine and heroin on plant cells”, Kuwait University, 23rd of April, 1988  

B.Sc:  Major in  Zoology and  minor in Botany, Kuwait University, January 1980

Academic Position

Zoology Program, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Kuwait  

Teaching Interests  

Undergraduate courses:                          

Biology I ( BS.  0490101)  

Principles of Genetics ( Bot. 0494 231)  

Seminar  (Bot. 0494 391)  

Plant Propagation (Bot. 0494 474)  

Plant Breeding (Bot. 0494 434)  

Research Project (Bot. 0494 494)        

Plant Tissue Culture (MB. 0497 282)       

Graduate courses:

Biotechnology III (2050519)  

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